After 80 years of development, Ray-Ban has become the most iconic eyewear brand in the world. Each Ray-Ban glasses not only witnesses the changes of the times and trends, but also bears the personality story of each wearer. Every time with Ray-Ban, it is a collision between “what you see” and “what is happening”. Wear Ray-Ban to achieve your own uniqueness with a determined heart. Every time with Ray-Ban, it’s a conversation about trends and self – this time, Ray-Ban celebrates the world with a new holiday season theme promotion campaign – – Do not follow the trend, you can “be proud of”, wear Ray-Ban and swear to share the truest self with the confidant.

Proud to belong, attribution to origin and self-discovery

Proud To Belong prides itself on being part of Ray-Ban’s latest ad theme, which evokes the vibrancy of the festival season. Performing different levels of self in the holiday, true peers, and own ownership. Proud to belong, will take you back to explore your roots, rediscover the new self in your place; in each individual, the feelings of the homeland and their identity are inseparable, but more than the geography brought to you What is more important is what you have gained there and what they mean for you; pride has its own, let you understand the ultimate meaning of exploration, no matter how your story unfolds, no matter how the ending of the story changes or gender. We pledge to share the truest self with our confidant; we have a sense of belonging, which makes you cherish every aspect of life. The meaning of being born is that we will meet unexpected friends and return to children in the big family. The nature lies in witnessing the next generation of grown-ups in neighboring families. Every “situ” is worthy of “pride”; pride has its own, let you realize the true meaning of the word “family” – the people you own, yours What do those people who choose, and the place you build with them called “family” mean to you?

“Proud to be affiliated”, whether the arrival of the holiday season means to you, whether you are a family or a singer, Ray-Ban is working with you to develop a visual representation of attribution, reunion and self-identity.

The styles presented in the “Awesome” advertising blockbuster are applicable to every “you” who are eager to find a sense of belonging. Whether it’s a reunion with friends who have known each other for a long time, or a three-generation family gathering together, Ray-Ban makes this sense of belonging exactly the same. You spend the moment with them, share this feeling, and be proud of each other.

Ray-Ban Oval Double Bridge Ray-Ban Oval Double Series

Continuing the success of Ray-Ban’s elliptical metal series, the new collection will feature a new style of style for the season’s hottest styling with lightweight plastic materials, ultra-fine double beams and soft new tones. Classic gold frame, solid G-15 lens, bronze, black frame, or stylish transparent frame with new flat cool gradient lenses, including blue, pink, brown and green.

The festival is approaching, expecting you to interpret independent personality in different roles, can you find your own self-identity in the new issue of “Affinity”? Now preview the new season with Ray-Ban and interpret each character. Your “proud” side.

From now on, the new season theme series will be launched in the Ray-Ban franchise store, Ray-Ban official website, and Ray-Ban Tmall flagship store. All Ray-Ban franchise stores will launch a series of consumer interaction activities, you can go to the store to record good moments with your family or friends, and share your own story of “Affiliate”.