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Internet changes constantly. Ten years ago from simple text rich medium( pure HTML ), went to Flash, then CSS. More and more people started to use Internet all the time, being constantly on-line. Revolution in hardware sector which increased connection reliability, speed, wireless network range took it to the next level. Almost simultaneously mobile phones became “smartphones” kind of very microcomputers. From this point website needs to be well displayed on huge number of different devices. In this article I present few FREE¬† websites which can help you with testing.


Edge Inspect

This product is from ADOBE

Edge Inspect is an essential application for web developers and designers who need to preview their content across multiple mobile devices. Wirelessly pair multiple iOS and Android devices to your computer, grab screenshots from any connected device, and see real-time results from changes to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

edge inspect responsive design testing tool

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Mobile Emulators & Simulators

The most useful tools for mobile web are emulators and simulators.This is guide to 37 download resources for hundreds of emulators and simulators. Enjoy!

design testing tools

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Matt Kersley testing website

I have discovered Matt’s website years ago when I have been extensively looking for tools which can help me with my “miobile friendly” development.¬† When comes to testing look of your masterpiece on different screens this website is place to go.

Matt Kersley testing tool

Visit Matt’s website here

Am I Responsive?

This is cool tool, not very advanced by nice to look at. Simply place your url ans soon you will see your responsive website appear in three devices. Each screen is separately enabled and works with website.

testing tool responsive design

You can even make nice screenshot.

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I hope you enjoyed this short selection of useful tools.