Someday, we may get there, but I think we got it wrong on both accounts right now. I don think the previous administration was right to pretend they saved the Internet, and I don think the current administration is right to say we not going to protect your data or that everything will be done by executive action. It time for Congress to pass a law; if we don we going to continue to see ideological issues, and that not good for investment..

So I spent the next three days reading the script, which I have to say, is so ambitious on every level, and I’d get to these parts that were, I’d think, ‘Gosh, that’s so amazing, to ride on that banshee, but I just don’t see how you could do it’. But I certainly wanted to be part of the adventure of going for it. And I always know with Jim, you know, you’re never in better hands.

“i’m down here, and i can’t see my daughter, and i don’t think that’s right.” but the sheriff says the rules are clear for a two o’clock inmate visit, the visitorhas to be there at 1 45. Clolinger and the sheriff both say she didn’t show up until 2 17. “the inmates are not going to run the jail.

Grand Cru was offering 2 course meals on select Wednesdays in October for FREE. True, I swear I went; enjoyed my soup and pasta (while both courses were already pretty good, they were made even better by being free). But with 2 glasses of wine and desserts, the bill was still about $40.

Fake fireplaces are really an improvement on the traditional wood burning fireplaces. Everything that’s bad has been fixed, and everything that’s a plus has been saved. That’s not fake that’s evolution. But one day his dad wandered off and the younger LaRocca found him near some scrap yards. When LaRocca rolled up in his car, George Sr. Said with a laugh, don know your name but I know you belong to me.

Sinclair allowed just two hits over the first five innings, but then ran into a jam in the sixth when the top of OSU’s lineup notched three straight singles, including a RBI single by Pat Porter that cut NU’s lead to 2 1. Sinclair then struck out Dawson and got Nick Sergakis to fly out, before Aaron Gretz loaded the bases with OSU’s fourth hit of the inning. The Huskers turned the ball over to Jeff Chesnut and on his first pitch to Nennig he got a 5 3 putout to end the threat..

People generally get out in greater numbers on a Friday. But that wasn’t really the case because of the cold and the wind and the snow. The white stuff fluttered down and though it didn’t really accumulate all that much, it and the wind and the chill had a definite effect on drivers.