Tip for leased vehicles: Some lease agreements require that the car be returned with an OEM windshield. If you lease a car and replace a front windshield using your “full” glass coverage, insist that the insurance company provide you with an OEM windshield from the manufacturer. If you pay for the windshield yourself, check your lease agreement carefully to see if you must use an OEM windshield from the manufacturer or if you can use an aftermarket windshield.

Childs lived in the building from 1975 to 1978. Prior to that, she lived in Cabrini 714 W. Division building, which was demolished in 2006. For art pop ups, symphony performances, and the unveiling of the Promenade Fleuve Montagne, an urban boardwalk that will connect Mont Royal to the St. Lawrence River. And plan on returning a few pounds heavier.

So they talk in clichs because they haven’t a solution. Abbott doesn’t know. That’s why he has photo opportunities instead of press conferences. Wearing the red, white and blue colors of Bob Jones High School swim team this fall is sort of a prelude to the same colors Andrey Tretyakov could wear as a member of the United States Olympic Team next year. The 17 year old athlete is a four time state champion and member of the Patriots team, which is defending Class 7A state champion heading into the 2015 swim season. Team in the Summer Olympics held in Rio de Janeiro.

APS has been widely criticized by solar advocates and foes of “dark money” for contributing to anti solar ads produced by the conservative group 60 Plus, and also for allegedly donating money to the campaigns of two new Commission members who are perceived as anti solar, Tom Forese and Doug Little. As reported last week, Commissioner Bob Burns vows to abstain on any votes dealing with APS until the company divulges details of its political spending. So far, APS has declined Burns’ request..

The 5,348 pipe organ is the creation of Ernest M. Skinner Co., which was founded in 1901 and built organs for some of the most important concert halls, churches and universities across the United States. The company and the University signed a memorandum of agreement for construction of the St.

Bob HoffmasterBob NelsonWade BatesSports On AirKFIZ SportsKFIZ SportsThose behind an effort to allow dogs in Fond du Lac parks will now be pushing for an expansion of an ordinance that allowed a one year trial. This week the Advisory Park Board reviewed the pilot program that allowed dogs in about half of the City parks. City Council member Catherine Block is also a member of that board.