Doesn want to answer questions about why he supporting (Trump policies).Since the beginning of the year, the Reporter has received four letters to the editor criticizing Reichert voting record and availability, and one letter in support of Reichert. The Reporter sister newspaper, the Snoqualmie Valley Record, has received five anti Reichert letters and one letter in support.Constituents said that they have quite a few issues to discuss with the congressman in the wake of some of President Trump recent actions and statements, including the immigration ban and the possible repeal of the Affordable Care Act.Julie Reed, who marched with her husband, Ray, said that her biggest concerns were the release of Donald Trump tax returns, health care and the of Russia on American politics and because Dave Reichert is my representative and I want him to represent and at least listen to my point of view and my concerns, Reed said.The protesting constituents have suggested that Reichert hold a town hall meeting to be able to interact with those he represents face to face and hear their concerns. They felt that an event held during working hours on a social media site that not everyone may belong to was not encompassing enough of all residents.want a town hall, Elaine Chase told the Reporter via Twitter.

Some of the research and scholarly initiatives are regionally focused while others involve multiple centers engaged in truly global conversations. Within the University, the goal is to further encourage the development of new relationships across schools, institutes and academic departments. In addition to Paris, regional centers have opened or have been announced in Amman, Beijing, Istanbul, Mumbai, Nairobi, and in Santiago, Chile, which opened last month..

These animals suffer in homes because most people don have the resources or knowledge to meet their physical, behavioural and psychological needs. Exotic pets are difficult to care for, ignore their guardians and don usually do tricks. They often grow much larger than their owners can handle, and some pets outlive their owners..

Monday the 20th was the annual Bell Aliant Family Day in the Park as part of the Winter Carnival. Like, every year kids from CBRH volunteered as mascots, loot bag delivery people and as game leaders to help make the day a success. Students Matthew Payne, Elizabeth Keeping, James Butler and Jamie Grudich performed in their newly formed band Parametric, as part of the entertainment of the day.