Bob HoffmasterBob NelsonWade BatesSports On AirKFIZ SportsKFIZ SportsThe long delayed Highway 23 expansion project between Fond du Lac and Plymouth is getting back on track with preparation of a fourth Environmental Impact Statement for the project. People packed into a large room at the UW Fond du Lac Thursday night to hear about preparation of the statement. Among those attending was Fond du Lac County Board Supervisor Dean Will, a former Sheriff Captain, who dealt with some of the fatal accidents on the highway.

As an example, a vintage B Ray Ban frame with impressed marks B 1/10 12K GF indicates a frame with gold content of about 5% pure gold when you exclude the plastic parts, lenses, and screws. To be more exact, the frames are 5% pure gold, 2.5% copper for wear resistance to the gold finish, 2.5% silver to retain the yellow color of pure gold, and the balance magnetic steel in the core. The “GF” hallmark does in fact mean “Gold Filled,” but when you consider the relatively small percentage of gold the frames contain and the fact that the gold is on the surface of the frame rather than the core you can see that the GF marking is somewhat a misnomer.

“I went to Catholic school, so I was raised by nuns,” Hernandez said. “So the other day I go there, and I’m used to nuns being in long skirts and dressed real conservatively. They all walk in and they’re wearing Rays shirts, and I’m shocked. “People keep asking me, how did you do it?” Netemegeesic said about when others ask her how she managed to get into Native Housing. “I have a friend who has been on the waiting list at Native Housing for six months now. She is pregnant and has two kids already, and she is having trouble getting an apartment.”.

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Give wisely. Planning to make a donation as part of your holiday gift giving? Learn where your money will go and how it will be used. Research charities with the BBB’s Wise Giving Alliance and the NC Secretary of State’s Office. I a sucker for high school football. Runner up: Are Marshall. (No movie has ever made me cry more)..