Preparations are in full swing for the second Halloween Harvest Bash, which will take place Friday, Oct. The Antigonish Town and County Crime Prevention Association Robot (left), 989 XFM general manager Ken Farrell; bash co ordinator, representing DEANS, Diane Farrell; Antigonish Art Fair representative Mike MacEachern and Antigonish RCMP community policing officer Cst. Morgan MacPherson gathered for a fun photo.

Let me explain. Drivers turning right onto Water Street from any of the streets by the library tend to do this: they look left to see if anything is coming, then they start to turn right. There generally is no reason to look to the right, because normal traffic doesn affect that right hand turn.

The Antigonish native, an internationally known Celtic artist, is the lead fiddler for the Canadian production of the acclaimed Broadway hit musical. “Collaborating with these quality musicians and actors is a once in a lifetime experience,” Ludlow said. The stars of the play, Francine Deschepper as Susan/narrator, and Antigonish native Hugh Thompson, as Mr.

Best Golf Movie: We now reached triple no brainer territory. This is the best golf movie ever. It also one of the funniest movies ever, regardless of category. “That proud moment came at a terrible cost. More than 10,000 soldiers were killed and wounded in conditions we can scarcely imagine today. British Columbia, which had the highest per capita enlistment in the young nation, eventually lost more than 6,200 throughout the war every single one a beloved father, son, brother, or friend..

Mary Cover Jones graduated from Vassar in 1919. She completed her graduate work at Columbia and then held a variety of research positions. In one such position, she was tasked to follow 200 fifth and sixth grade students through puberty and adolescents.

After Bledsoe had minor surgery Monday to readjust pins in the finger, there shouldn’t be any more dangling for Zolak. The Patriots are expected to name the eight year veteran the starter for the pivotal game against the playoff bound 49ers Sunday at Foxboro Stadium. To qualify for the playoffs, the Patriots (8 6) need one victory in their final two games combined with a loss by the Tennessee Oilers..

If you’re a politician, and your JOB is to pass a budget, do your JOB. Stop wasting time in giving speeches that use the military as either a shield to make excuses or as a tool to drive a political agenda. Those in uniform can see right through that.