Jim EckelsThe doc’s just trying to help: I am a registered nurse who works in labor and delivery, and I read Celeste Fraser Delgado’s article, “Cuts You Up” (March 18), with great interest. It appears that New Times is trying to educate the public about choices in childbirth, for which I commend you. But I am concerned that you have attempted to do so in a biased and very dangerous way..

Rally organizers are concerned about a provision in the bill requiring Lutheran Social Services to collect and distribute data to state officials and local governments. Data would include the number of refugees resettled in each ZIP code, enrolled in public schools and receiving public benefits and cash assistance. Crimes committed by or against refugees would also be included in the data..

Is the latest public figure to criticize Donald Trump, calling him an “insane bigot” and comparing him to Adolf Hitler. Included a lengthy postscript urging readers not to vote for Trump. Writes. The red arc is free of gas, suggesting the carbon monoxide has out, forming a layer of frost on the dust grains in that region. Astronomers speculate this frost provides a boost to planet formation. The two dots in the center represent the two stars in the system.

Seems really cruel, especially when there a chance it can feel the pain of an abortion. But I hope the whole Senate will vote to make abortions after 20 weeks illegal. Mrs. Funny how things work out When Belichick was running the Cleveland Browns, he traded his first round draft pick to San Francisco in exchange for a number of draft picks, including another first rounder. But Belichick got fired in Cleveland before he got to use that pick, the Browns moved to Baltimore and the first round pick he acquired was used by former Belichick assistant Ozzie Newsome to select this linebacker from Miami. The kid name: Ray Lewis.

Through the help of classmates, Inside Out Ministries, various city council members and Mayor Troy Trulock, word has started to spread about the Clothes for Confidence drive across Madison. With about three weeks to go, there’s still plenty of time to donate some clothes or money. As Madison said, spread the word!.

Friday afternoon the Cuneos received a call from Ophir resident Bud Harrington, who lives on Crater Hill Road, at least 7 miles east of Hungry Hollow. Two men, he told them, had crashed a loader into the fence along his property. An officer from California Highway Patrol was out there to take a report, and then they all went on their way, but afterward something about the incident seemed fishy to Harrington.