Merritt, Dauphin, Man., son of Mr. And Mrs. Merritt, Grimsby. Assemblyman James Skoufis (D, Woodbury) said the governor and legislature must together and heed the call from our families to live up to SUNY and CUNY original promise: a truly affordable and high quality experience. Assemblyman Karl Brabenec (R, Westbrookville) said the proposal is irresponsible and the kind of nanny state socialism that perpetuates New York image as one of the most expensive states in the nation in which to live and operate a business. He said the proposal cost, an estimated $163 million per year, a financial burden we cannot place on future generations..

As a sophomore at St. Mary’s, Cayton produced 11.6 points, 2.7 rebounds, 2.8 assists and 2.3 steals per game while being named one of 20 Cal Hi Sports All Underclass sophomores. An explosive player, Cayton not only was a catalyst in transition, she is also a proven long range shooter.

Subject to Act of Dedication and Building Restrictions, dated November 11, 1982 and duly recorded at COB 556, Page 853 of the records of Tangipahoa Parish. Subject to a right of way in favor of Tangipahoa Parish Policy Jury for dedication to the public for establishment and maintenance of a public highway duly recorded at COB 581, Page 715. Which has the address of 16046 J R Drive, Hammond, LA 70401 WRIT AMOUNT: $104,573.29 TERMS: CASH in the form of currency, certified funds or letter of credit, subject to any security interest, mortgage lien, or privilege thereon superior to that of the seizing creditor, to the last and highest bidder WITH the benefit of appraisement and according to law.

We have the latest on a shooting out of the Moxham section of the city that happened Friday afternoon. The Cambria County Coroner and Johnstown Police held a news conference on the investigation Cambria County Coroner Jeff Lees calls this a double murder suicide. The gunman has been identified as Robert Klein who Police say shot his wife and son multiple times before killing himself.

Finally, we followed our guide, Scooter, and nervously placed our boat in the anything less but warm Ocoee River and hopped in for the ride of our lives. We endured rapids with names such as “Broken Nose,” “Diamond Splitter,” “Table Saw” and “Hell’s Hole, and clearly the names speak for themselves. We were also informed that we would raft the 1996 Olympic Kayaking Competition rapid, also known as “Godzilla” and “Humongous.” However, during each anxious and sometimes unsettling moment Scooter never failed to inform us of exactly what action we needed to take.