DS: I want to begin by bringing to remembrance that we, us as members of the Nishnawbe Aski Nations combined, were never meant to live as oppressed people. The Great Spirit, Our God, gave us an independent spirit with a will to choose what we will be. It is contrary to live our lives in such a state that we have been in the last fifty years basically since the advent of the Government’s active legislative agenda with respect to our lands and us..

Homeowners got the first batch of results for methane in October. The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, a federal public health agency, told homeowners that in all but two homes, the tests either failed to detect methane or detected it at low levels. The agency noted that methane levels can fluctuate from day to day..

PEARCEY CRES. ST. JEWEL HOUSE LANE QU EN ELIZABETH PARKWAY BRITANNIC LANE E CRT. It happened at County Highway F, near Nesja Road. Thirty firefighters were on the scene trying got fight the blaze. The dry, hilly terrain made it difficult. President Trump is surrounding himself with caricatures of smart men instead of surrounding himself with actual smart men. The president has had caliber men and women around him, but they were put there on the advice of other people. But many of them are moving on, including Gary Cohn, the White House economic adviser who, just two weeks ago, was floated as being a replacement for White House Chief of Staff John Kelly..

But other frontiers are on the radar screen. Burke is trying to make the company an omnipresent weather info provider. “We’re trying to reach consumers in whatever manner makes sense to them,” he said. “We’re anxious to get there and see how it’s working,” van Vonderen said. “That community should see some big changes because of the cisterns. Andrews, but that they did receive terrific support from mail outs, social media exposure and out in the community exposure.

There is a Japanese word used in bars “oshibori”, which refers to a little hot (or sometimes) a cold towel they give you to wipe you hands and face when you first come in. Along the true path of intent is the Japanese verb “shiboru or shibori” to squeeze or ring out till dry. “O” in front of a Japanese word makes it polite or honorific.

A strongly opinionated loving bitch, who has been through hell and refuses to be bitter. We were just hoping our local elected politicians would help. Additional contaminated areas include the old Napanoch Paper Mill, now an abandoned EPA superfund site, written off as a lost cause in 2014.