3, advising on everything from disability accommodations to where to find fresh pan dulce and hot chocolate the morning of the parade (it Do Rosa, at 577 S. Arroyo Pkwy.). On parade day and Jan. The Montrose home was purchased by Muzingo Goodwin and Shapiro in July 2005. The couple had dated as teens, about 20 years ago, and got back together a few years ago, after both found themselves single again after divorces. The couple wanted a home to raise their blended family, which includes Skyler, 16; Madeline, 11; George Jr., 9; Hannah, 7; and three pets, an English sheep dog, Mable; beagle, Roxy; and Chihuahua , Leta..

N Make your practice time on the range more efficient. With every bucket of balls you should work on your wedge game for half the bucket and your pre shot routine for the second half. I don’t like to work too much on my swing at the range because it can give you a lot of negative feedback, which can put you on the bogey train..

Warm referrals thrive within the community, from a trusted professional, a health provider, a family attorney, or a local school counselor. Where social media provide introductions, community referrals give depth and safety. Shocking? Not really. On Saturday April 25, 60 Kelowna Girl Guides were arrested, lodged in cells, and tried in a crowded courtroom on charges of car theft, destruction of personal property and trespassing. To the relief of their families and friends the girls were found not guilty after a lively trial. The judge accepted that they were just trying to do a good turn when they accidentally set a car in motion, saw it damage a house and garden, and tried unsuccessfully to make things better.

Was that intentional?JL: Yea it was. I saw a documentary about Shannen’s story and I remember her parents saying her colours were blue and white, and so I thought it would be a way of honouring her without totally basing the story on her, but still having some pieces of inspiration.WWT: Based on your experiences of researching for this character and going up to Moosonee and Moose Factory, how you describe how this changed your perception of First Nations people?JL: It’s sort of still in the process as an artist. When you’re working on something, you’re not fully understanding when you’re doing until a year later when you look back.

You should introduce yourself to other people and businesses that are involved in party and event planning as well. Some of these people include wedding planners, bridal boutiques, pastry chefs, florists, and card and party supply shopkeepers. Always have on brochures and business cards on hand to give out.