The lighthouse to this location is going to further destabilize the bluff, which is going to impact our graves. Lindgren Akana says. Other protesters said they want to be clear, they not asking for the lighthouse to be torn down or its preservation thrown aside.

Filed a lawsuit in Montgomery Circuit Court late Wednesday raising broad claims of election fraud. He asked a judge to block the state from certifying Jones as the winner. Secretary of State John Merrill said he has found no evidence of voter fraud, and he said the state canvassing board would certify Jones victory as planned on Thursday afternoon..

Last week: POTTER PLEA FOR DPAC. On Wednesday, it was announced that the upcoming Harry Potter play (set for debut in London on July 30) will get released as a “script book” on July 31. And then the Internet broke. Police officer who noticed the car parked on the side of Maple Street. As the officer drove past the car, a passenger in the front seat appeared to crouch down to hide, according to the officer report, and then the driver left. The officer said he noticed a strange and unusual sound coming from the car exhaust and initiated a traffic stop at the intersection of Sycamore and Cherry streets..

Smith strongly urges potential buyers of real estate to ask neighbors and the realtor if the home has a stigmatized history. Ask them if there has been a suicide or murder in the home. Smith encourages buyers to research the deeds to determine whether the home was built on an old cemetery, burial mounds or battle grounds or if the building was used for a nursing home, hospital or funeral home.

He says the government seems insensitive. “Especially when teachers are there asking for classroom improvements. They’re there to make sure they have the best for their students. “Nobody expected this team would make it to the finals of this tournament let alone take out the No. 1 team in the nation to win it,” said Chad Beeler, club director of Laguna Beach Water Polo Club. “Our team has a lot of seventh graders playing in an eighth grade and under level which makes this win even more impressive.

“I manage people from entry level positions to folks who are much smarter than I am,” he said. “I get to have a lot of different relationships with people. I feel like I’m in the Tower of London making sure the crown jewels are safe. Always a strong team at the offensive end, Iowa is averaging 76.2 points per game with 16.3 assists and just 15.7 turnovers per contest. Iowa is shooting 44 percent from the field and 30.9 percent from three point range, while knocking down 77.1 percent of its free throws. Opponents are averaging 66 points per game..