I’m sorry to say that at this point, Mayor Frank Konrad let down the citizens of Grand Forks. The manner and substance of his questioning of Mr. Kopan played more like a Crown Prosecutor questioning a hostile witness than a sitting mayor discussing a matter with a member of his own staff.

New York based, St. Paul born drummer Matt Slocum returns for two special performances showcasing his new album, Black Elk’s Dream, as well as some of the Twin Cities’ premier jazz artists. Each night will feature Slocum’s trio, which includes pianist Sam Yahel and bassist Massimo Biolcati, followed by a “drum dialogue” between Slocum and his high school mentor, local drum icon Phil Hey.

At times, I thought he was the best player for the Wildcats last year. This year, he’s the guy. He’s a beast, a physical presence who can score and who appears even more athletic this year. Anne B. Dolman died Tuesday, January 12, 2010 at her home at the age of 103. Dolman, daughter of Sardius Mason Brewster and Caroline May Brown was born October 5, 1906, in Troy, Kansas.

Co founder of 2 Home School Support Organizations. Serves SIPOA as communication person, coordinates special events 4th of July Flags and SIPOA City Christmas Parade. Has a deep love and respect for south Irving and its residents, a strong commitment to unite south Irving, save its heritage, and improve community life for the future..

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“It’s part of a national shift in investigating officer involved shootings,” said St. John. “It’s about transparency. “It is an honor to have someone as capable and as professional as Kevin Jacobs as part of my District 3 staff,” Vaughn said. “Kevin served 16 years working for Oklahoma Christian University, including serving as the school’s president for several years. He also has served as an attorney since 1985.

Code 28 4502, 28 4503; Fla. Stat. Chs. Are what we call a working antique shop. It takes a lot of work to keep it dusted, polished, clean, priced. (187 Ericksen Ave. The Leduc Drama Society 2017 Edmonton International Fringe Festival production carries a lot of bite for a first time director and dramatic actress to handle, but the crew is backed by decades of theatre experience.Award winning Canadian playwright Ramona Baillie drama A Little Happiness was the Leduc Drama Society pick for its annual Fringe production thanks to its small casts requirements, but its subject matter is what really makes it stand out.Alex, played by Erin McLean, is a woman suffering from mental illness. Her psychiatrists prescribes a drug that keeps her nightmares at bay, but when she forced to switch doctors, her new physician pulls her off the medication.very dark, very intimate. It a very dark and twisty show, McLean said.