Ninety seven percent of soybeans were turning color or beyond, three days ahead of last year and four days ahead of average. Eighty four percent of soybeans were dropping leaves, four days ahead of average. Sixteen percent of the soybean crop has been harvested, one day behind last year and three days behind average.

It not easy to choose the most ignorant comment of the month during these dog days of August, but surely a remark by the Hon. Paul LePage, governor and ignoramus in chief of the Great State of Maine, must rank up or rather down there. He dismissed teachers as “a dime a dozen” employees as he opened a new vocational school in his state.

The 28 year old angler and guide says he thinks Wabigoon has the best chance of all the regional lakes to produce a world record sized fish. “There are definitely bigger fish out there,” he says. “Wabigoon, Eagle and Lac Seul all have a good abundance of baitfish for the fish to eat lots of ciscos, smelt, whitefish and perch.

A. Masterpiece Cakeshop could be very important for the scope of free exercise rights. A central question is whether the Roberts Court will continue to carve out exemptions from general public accommodation statutes for businesses claiming a right to discriminate or to withhold services or benefits on grounds of religion.

Joe is a cautious advocate for Delbert McDougal and the Heritage Crossing development in downtown Irving. Joe believes in Police Chief Boyd’s broken window effect; clean up properties and fix the broken windows and crime will move to another neighborhood that isn’t as well kept. Joe supports the criminal alien program CAP 24/7.

“I always wanted to do it, he said when asked when he knew he wanted to pursue wrestling as a career. Was always in sports, but for some reason, my pro wrestling was always the one thing that really clicked with me. Joe and He Man and Transformers. Our federal policy has often not reflected a balance between those goals. There are statutes that require those who receive federal funds to take affirmative steps to promote racial integration, to assess racial impacts, and to take steps to correct it. And there are regulations that say you can’t engage in something that has a disparate impact on particular racial or ethnic groups.

Was really struck by the way communities have pulled together and are doing some interesting work. They have this youth centre in Sheshatshiu where some amazing programs are happening. So, what we learning is how much we have to learn from organizations in Labrador about how to do this work, he said..