You shoot 5 for 23 in the first half and don have any rebounds in the second quarter our stat people had us for zero rebounds in the second quarter when you miss 18 shots and that happens, you think one of them would accidentally fall in your lap. Ben Schmiesing was a big part of that, too. He had eight rebounds at halftime and a game high 17 of them by night end as Piqua outrebounded Troy 34 32 in the game..

Studies of rare, familial (heritable) forms of Parkinson’s show that a protein called alpha synuclein plays a role in the development of the disease. People who have extra copies of the alpha synuclein gene produce excess alpha synuclein protein, which can damage neurons. The effect is most pronounced in dopamine neurons, a population of brain cells in the substantia nigra that plays a key role in controlling normal movement and is lost in Parkinson’s.

As an example, I love their Japanese Curry (near impossible to find outside of Japan). It is nearly spot on with a place I stop at every time I go to Tokyo (Akihabara). The only problem, they only offer it with Katsu and do a horrible job of laying out the dish..

However, there is abundant evidence that psychological disorders in heart patients are underrecognized and undertreated. In fact, underdiagnosis may be even more pronounced in cardiac practices than in other types of medical practices,” said Dr. Edmondson..

Bob HoffmasterBob NelsonWade BatesSports On AirKFIZ SportsKFIZ SportsTwo deaths at a residence on Golf Course Drive in the Town of Empire have been ruled a murder suicide. The Fond du Lac County Medical Examiner Office completed autopsies on 62 year old Mark Whitmore and his 27 year old daughter Julia Whitmore. Sheriff Captain Ryan Waldschmidt says it was determined that Dr.

Today, only about 20 people in Centralia remain out of approximately 1100 former residents (Schogol, 2001). Youngstown, Pennsylvania appears to be destined for the “ghost town” fate of Centralia because of the Percy mine fire burning underground there for over 30 years. The Percy mine fire began when burning trash at the surface ignited a coal seam beneath Youngstown (Glover, 1998)..

All workshops are aligned to Next Generation Science (NGSS), Common Core Math (CCM), and Alabama College and Career Readiness Standards (ALCCRS).Reserve your seat at the main ticket desk upon your arrival.SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS PAST HOMES AND LUMINARY TOURWeeden House Museum and GardenStroll through the luminary lit streets of historic Twickenham and enjoy special musicians while touring the Weeden House Museum, The Helion Lodge and 4 private residences all decorated in holiday finery. The proceeds from the 39th annual Spirit of Christmas Past Homes and Luminary Tour benefit the Weeden House Museum, built in 1819, and historic district projects.Tickets are available through Saturday at the Visitor Center, 500 Church Street. They can also be purchased at any of the homes the night of the tours.In addition, Harrison Brothers Hardware will be open from 5 7 pm.