I am aware that one of the primary concerns with the appellate process is the length of time it takes for cases to be resolved. I have worked hard for thirteen years on the court of appeals to dispose of cases efficiently and timely. I will do the same on the Texas Supreme Court..

John Littrell, owner of Southern Roots Salon, cuts the ribbon Tuesday morning with employees and members of the Camden Area Chamber of Commerce present. Saturday with prizes available to win. The salon is located at 1248 Country Club Road in Wadleigh Creek, formerly Guessworks.

Nations have an imperative to manage their borders, but it’s a big gap between manage and control. We could “control” the Mexican border if we wanted to shoot everybody coming over. That would stop people coming over. A strongly opinionated loving bitch, who has been through hell and refuses to be bitter. We were just hoping our local elected politicians would help. Additional contaminated areas include the old Napanoch Paper Mill, now an abandoned EPA superfund site, written off as a lost cause in 2014.

The basic argument is that the Cowboys should focus on next year and lose the most possible games to assure a higher draft pick. The discussion itself is proof of the horrible season the “super bowl favorite” Dallas Cowboys are having. That being said, it angers me that sports columnists want our home team to lose.

Luster, the legendary Ardmore Douglass athletic coach and 1983 inductee into the Oklahoma Coaches Association Hall of Fame, passed away on Dec. 12 at the age of 90. Along his 60 years in the coaching and teaching professions, Luster was able to have a significant impact on a number of students and athletes..

Wednesday night the Blue Rodeo boys put off a phenomenal show at the Arts and Culture. They have still got it, in every sense. The musicianship and harmonies were just out of this world. Would cry all the time because it hurt so bad. He thought he was going to break his neck. And he had a tic a couple of weeks ago, where his eyes would roll up into his head and his head would shake back and forth at the same time.

“The thing is all of these things count, people don’t really realize how much these things matter. And because of all of that he wasn’t nominated which he absolutely should have been. And if he’d been nominated we wouldn’t be having this discussion, but we should be having this discussion.”.

Cats have been in existence in the wild for thousands of years, Collette. Society has used cats to control rodents and the like for centuries. TNR is the more realistic, and most humane, method of control. Students should have a class where they can debate controversial social health issues and learn to use facts to support or change their views. In the late 1960s I taught such a class at Berkeley High School (CA) where students selected among units on drug abuse prevention, human sexuality, abortion, police youth relations, race relations, and youth employment issues. The district made it a required 10th grade course but parents were free to opt out (very few did).