They last beat Aptos 35 7 behind three rushing touchdowns from and another by . An earlier win was 34 31 over No. 5 Del Oro behind the quarterback heroics of .. Sitter and Steven Sitter of Hagerstown, MD; ten grandchildren, Thomas W. Small, Margaret H. Small, Lucy H.

Irving, Texas. The vehicle was traveling eastbound on the south service road of IH 635 just past MacArthur when the officer turned on his overhead lights. The vehicle failed to stop and entered the freeway traveling eastbound on IH 635. The salesperson you by narrowing [your selections] down to five pairs. So how do you do this without the salesperson expertise? Warby Parker figured it out with an offer to let customers choose five pairs of glasses for five days. You can try them on in front of your mirror, show your friends, post it to Facebook and get other people opinions.

But the greatest expression of stained glass was yet to come, in the beautiful medieval cathedrals of Europe. The cathedral of Chartres was built in 1194; Canterbury cathedral in 1178; Notre Dame in Paris in 1163. Stained glass art was used in religious stained glass panels to depict the union of God and man..

Spectators have as much of a chance of finding romance as do the daters playing. “I’ve seen people just meet up at the bar afterwards.” Tanur believes speed daters shouldn’t focus on looking for “the one,” at least not immediately. “The point is not to decide if the person is the person they want to spend the rest of their life with,” Tanur said.

Fifteen days later, hundreds of miles to the south, an earthquake of 8.8 magnitude shook Chile, lasting 90 seconds. It could be felt strongly in six regions of the country. 130 aftershocks were recorded. But to succeed, Microsoft will have to not just win over a new generation of gamers but navigate unpredictable Chinese regulators, outwit its installed rivals, and prove to buyers that China’s cheap, accessible gray market is less appetizing than the real thing. As the world’s biggest video game market by 2016, generating more than $25 billion a year in revenue, according to game industry researcher Newzoo. The Xbox’s flagship franchise, “Halo,” is a decidedly Western shooter, in which a gravel voiced supersoldier blasts his way to freedom through an oppressive alien alliance..

The Municipal Plan is intended to be of use to City Council, City Staff, public agencies, and private individuals concerned with development, sustainability and the long term health and well being of the community. Planning processes identified in the Municipal Plan allowsusers to extend their visioning and goal setting beyond the parameters of urban development. The documentmanages traditional municipal policy as well as identifying opportunities for partnership and collaboration between the municipality and other organizations or government bodies..