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The Work Shop, the employment and training centre for construction work on the Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital has re opened in a new location off Kawana Way near the multi storey carpark ‘P2’.The Hornery Institute, national skilling and employment manager, Andrew Grimshaw said that Colleen’s skills and experience of operations, human resources and stakeholder engagement is a perfect match for The Work Shop’s leadership needs.”We needed someone who had strong connections on the Sunshine Coast and who could see the future potential of The Work Shop model. To take The Work Shop from the current construction employment and training model on the Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital and lead the team to future opportunity,” he said.Colleen has also worked as a partnership broker and volunteer mentor, focusing on the knowledge attainment and transition of students through schooling into structured workplace learning, further training or tertiary education towards employment.”Over the past six years my role has focused around facilitating partnerships and developing initiatives by aligning business, industry, government, community and educational organisations. I am excited about The Work Shop and where I can add value with local government and industry partnerships,” she said.As the construction site heads into peak activity in the first quarter of the year, coupled with 100% procurement, The Work Shop becomes an extremely important contact point for the local jobseeker community.More than that, it becomes a point of contact for those looking to upskill, to ensure that after the construction of the Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital has been completed, that the skillset of workers can be utilised across the Coast to improve the region’s economic diversification and create an attractive environment for future investment and talent.The Sunshine Coast Council has re invested in The Work Shop in 2015 and therefore remains as a funding partner, along with Lend Lease and The Hornery Institute, who are responsible for the overall governance and day to day running of the centre.The figures continue to rise with local jobseekers benefiting from the service.