Madison Academy will go to Westminster Christian Academy in a battle of the two private schools in Class 4 A, Region 7.Friday night will be a stadium of red, white and blue as the sixth ranked Bob Jones Patriots will host the always tough rivalry with the Huntsville Crimson Panthers. Both schools carry the same team colors.Bob Jones (3 1, 2 0) is coming off a winning, but very physical game with Sparkman and is looking at the Crimson Panthers as another tough foe who stands in the way to a Region 4 championship and a spot in the post season playoffs.”They always play us tough and our games are usually very competitive and close,” said Kevin Rose head coach of Bob Jones. “This is a region contest and will go a long way in determining our fate in the battle for a playoff spot.”Huntsville is 1 2 overall and 1 1 in Region 4 play.

The trail leads us out again. I notice cold cigarette butts smashed into the ground beneath a bench. Other than that I don notice any litter. Mars is visible pre dawn. It passes in front of the Beehive star cluster on Sept. 8 and 9. Ohio has a locking device law, Ohio Revised Code (ORC) 2923.25, that requires licensed firearm dealers to offer locking devices with all firearm transfers to their buyers. However, ORC does not require the gun purchaser to buy the locking device or use it. I scratching my head, but not because of my winter dermatitis is the common sense in this law?.

There are websites like Jamendo where people can listen and then donate if they want to. And they do. It also how Allison ends up touring in Europe.. It is understandable that everyone wants to prepare food using the ingredients that will make foods taste the very best they can. However most of us purchase products at the grocery store based on a brand name we are accustomed to. Have you ever stopped to compare the price with store brand? If not, you will need to because you will probably be shocked at the cost difference.

Getting in and out is not as easy as the World War II aces made it look. You certainly wouldn’t want to have to leave the cockpit in a hurry. Yet during combat, if bullets hit that fuel tank behind the instrument panel, you’d have had just five or six seconds to work out what was going on, open the canopy while the aircraft was moving at 400mph (your weight multiplied by G forces if you were in a spin), then clamber on to your seat and jump out before flames engulfed you..

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