It was not long and my sister and I both were kissing the Bible for our sins. I had to read to my sister from the orange book because she was younger and could not read yet. Numerous times we were hit with yardsticks and squashed behind the china cabinet until our breath was almost non existent in us.

Mary’s Police as well as State Police say they are dealing with numerous cases of car windows shot Wednesday night. Police believe the suspects used some type of glass marble. First, Second and Third Avenue in Johnsonburg saw 10 cars damaged and North Michael Street, Wolfel Avenue and Church Street in St.

EcoCann Dispensary owner Jeff Poel stands with his sales consultants Amanda Arrington and Kayla Wendlandt during the opening minutes of business. EcoCann Dispensary, located on the 300 block of F Street in Eureka, was the town first medicinal and recreational cannabis storefront, opening a high noon on New Year Day in Old Town. A sustained line around the corner and halfway down the Third Street block waited patiently for purchasing the newly legalized marijuana..

It’s “not surprising,” the lawyer said, that an employer in the media “would run for cover” under such circumstances.Outside the courthouse, reporters asked Crown spokesman Neil MacKenzie why the other charges against Bencze are being stayed.”I can’t go into a lot of detail at this point the matter is still before the court. The Crown looked at the circumstances as a whole of what was alleged against Mr. Bencze.

Similarly, 55 percent said guns make the community safer, compared to 29 percent who felt guns make the community less safe. When asked which was more important, controlling gun ownership or protecting the rights of Americans to own guns, 87 percent of Democrats chose the former while 79 percent of Republicans chose the latter.The majority of respondents (84 percent) felt all lost or stolen handguns should be reported and 71 percent agreed criminal background checks should be required for all handgun sales, including private sales among individuals at guns shows. Sixty percent felt owner registrations should be required for all handguns and 59 percent felt a waiting period should be required for all handgun purchases.On the topic of mental health, 81 percent felt Virginia should prevent the purchase of guns by individuals with a history of mental illness.Guns should be allowed on college campuses if you’re active service military, 62 percent said, while 61 percent said those with concealed weapons permits should have the right to carry on campus.