Wabc WordPress Description

Wabc theme guide and description. Wabc is multi purpose theme for WordPress  Bootstrap 3 and undescore. Originally built on heavily modified early version of understrap framework.



wabc is simple wordpress theme suitable for any website. It is responsive, contains a few widget areas ( sidebars ) so you can easily build your dream website as you wish. Theme customizer contains option to activate that sidebars based for index ( blog ), single pages and the static front page. Only footer sidebars ( up to three widget areas ) once activated are displayed on all pages.  In addition to sidebars , the theme also includes possibility to add some additional pages to be displayed, social links in the header and footer area and owl carousel. Wabc provides basic support for popular woocommerce and contact form 7 plugins, contains pot file so you can translate it into your language. As WordPress itself the theme is licensed under GPL so you are free to use it for the personal and commercial purposes. I include as many screenshots as possible and hope it helps you with basic set up.


1) Whole theme front page



Many theme options can be set up using wordpress theme customizer

2) Site identity. Standard place for logo upload, site title, tagline/slogan and favicon



3) Colors. Wabc theme supports three colors: background color, Navigation and footer color, Upper footer. By changing navigation and footer color you also apply changes to site links, buttons. Important part is about upper footer, that area is only displayed if there are any sidebars in it ,or social links for the footer are enabled. Below default wabc colors:



When you are making changes in colors you instantly see how it looks on the page. As the navigation default color is light the theme generally looks better when darker colo0rs are applied.


4) Background image. You can apply any image to the theme background using wordpress theme customizer.

Just make sure that the image looks good with your general color scheme.

5) Menu. This theme supports only one menu position so there is really very little to show and say about this section. Only one thing worth mentioning is that navigation supports up to 3 drop down sub menus.

6) Sidebars settings. In this section we activate sidebars sections for static front page, blog/index page, single page and footer. There are only two sidebars which are built in into theme, means no options for activation in theme customizer: sidebar A and sidebar B. Both sidebars are located in the “content area” in blog and static page. In spite of this small “disadvantage” you still in control of the layout as if there are no widgets in that areas, they are not displayed at all. Below screenshot of that website without any sidebars activated ( only sidebar A and sidebar B ). This screen shot shows you the page built only using additional wordpress pages. There is no slideshow sidebar activated, but instead  we have activated owl carousel ( option in customizer )

If you decide to activate sidebars, theme provides settings in the customizer

We can activate sidebars for footer area (Footer A – Footer C ). Up to 3 sidebar areas, with color set up to upper footer ( I know this may be a bit confusing.. ) If  the footer sidebars are deactivated they won’t be displayed at all.

If we decide that footer sidebars are not needed we can deactivate them and the theme layout will be adjusted automatically. In addition to deactivated sidebars if we deactivate social links for the footer that area disappear entirely.

Just above footer sidebars (upper footer) we can activate bottom sidebar area with up to 3 widget positions.

When deactivated, the area is simply not displayed on the page as well as it is not present in theme customizer widget section. If you want any particular sidebar area to be present on both, let say static front page and blog page then you must activate that sidebar for both. With the exception of footer sidebars and sidebar A and sidebar B.

7) Widgets. you can use up to 12 widgets positions on your website. Sidebar A and Sidebar B are activated permanently ( built in ) the other widget positions must be activated in sidebar settings in order to appear in widget customizer. Below is what you see in customizer when all of the widgets are enabled

All 12 widget areas are listed in. Ok let start with top widgets area ( I won’t mention slideshow widget area as it is really simple and only purpose is to keep slideshow widget, I use Meta slider ).

Top widgets area can hold up to 3 widgets. For the purpose of this demo I used text widget. If you don’t need all 3 widgets area to be displayed on the page, you simple don’t place any widget in it and it is not displayed. Layout is adjusted to right amount of widget areas so it still looks good. on the screen shot below we  can see Top A widget area empty with no widget in it, remaining widget area Top B and Top C take up empty space.

When only one widget area contains widgets then that part expands to 100%. On the screen shot below we can see what has happened when we removed only widget we have from Top B.

It is pretty cool feature and apply to all widget areas in wabc wordpress theme including built in Sidebar A and Sidebar B

Sidebar A has different color scheme, background color is the same like in navigation, and text is set up to white. If there is no widget present inside Sidebar B, our page looks like below. I took this screen shoot from theme with default colors.

When widgets are removed entirely from Sidebar A and Sidebar B, the content expands so there is no “empty space” showing on our page.

8) Static front page. Here you select which page is displayed when you are referring to your website address ( URL ). It is built in wordpress feature so I skip this step

9) Showcase Page, Top Pages, Secondary pages :

Showcase Page is area where we can put extra page. In this are we can select only one page which must not be the same as the page set up as wordpress static page ( you will see error message if you do ).

When you click in showcase page you will see options to display that page on Front Page, on blog page, drop down selection where you can choose page from list of your wordpress pages.  IMPORTANT thing to mention is that if you set up this feature for the first time you must select excerpt or full content as the default is set to none and only the title is displayed.

As I mentioned before when you by mistake select the same page as your static front page you will see error message. The reason for this restriction is that excerpt link will not work as you might expect. It will get you to your wordpress front-page instead of article page.

This restriction only applies to the page selected as static page in wordpress. You are capable of using the same page in top page, showcase page and secondary page are with no problem, except it doesn’t make any sense.


You are able to display up to three pages in top pages area

Also if there are only two pages selected, layout adjusts so it still looks fine. Also Top Pages have equal height enabled so all pages in that area  have height as the “longest” one. The settings are exactly the same as in Showcase page.

There is of course error message if front page is selected

Secondary Pages work the same way, but you can put only two pages in this area.

10) Social Links

In this place you can put your favourite social links. At the moment only 5 ( Facebook, Google plus, Linked In, Twitter, You Tube ) and select where you want them to be displayed ( header on upper footer )

In the footer it looks like below

If social links in the footer are not enabled it looks like below

And put your real links. I just put something #GP, #Li which is meaningless and won’t work in the real world. The theme was tested fro any possible errors but if you  find one please send me an email so I can fix it as soon as possible