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Saturday, 02 January 2016 18:45

Good alternative to shared hosting

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Digital ocean vps

You have great plans for your web presence, you are full of ideas, your pockets are filled up with cash you are willing to spend so go for it. If your pockets are not so much filled up with cash you try to get the best value for your money. Domain name and hosting , two things which you can't build yourself, you need to pay for it, end of story.

Saturday, 02 January 2016 16:52

The best free code editors

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There are many excellent and free code editors available for download. I used to be big fan of NetBeans, later jumped on Komodo Edit and now I am using Atom. It all depends on your personal preferences. I would like to mention that I am working mostly on Ubuntu so editors which are only available on Mac or Windows are not listed here.

Wednesday, 30 December 2015 18:56

Responsive design tools

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Internet changes constantly. Ten years ago from simple text rich medium( pure HTML ), went to Flash, then CSS. More and more people started to use Internet all the time, being constantly on-line. Revolution in hardware sector which increased connection reliability, speed, wireless network range took it to the next level. Almost simultaneously mobile phones became "smartphones" kind of very microcomputers. From this point website needs to be well displayed on huge number of different devices. In this article I present few FREE  websites which can help you with testing.